convert LK400 Bi-Wire to single wire

12-07-11: William_gershell
I have Bi-Wire Linn LK400 speaker cables coming from a LINN AV5125 Amplifier. Am about to change speakers to DynAudio 1.3 MKII speakers which are Single-Wire. Can I convert the Bi-Wire cables to single wire? Either by twisting the two Positive wire into one banana plug; the same with the two Negative wires, OR is it better to split one of the LK400's by razor into two parts and use one side to one and then the other side to the other speaker.
Would greatly appreciate any expertise on this.
William_gershell (Threads | Answers | This Thread)
How are your speaker cables terminated?
I have a similar issue. My LK400's are terminated in banana plugs at both ends.