Convert 230 volt Musical Fidelity amp to 115 volt?

I have a Musical Fidelity Elektra E-1 amplifier that originally was supplied with a mains lead fitted with a moulded 13 amp plug. It operates only on 230 volts and does not appear switchable. I was not given the power cord (mains lead) when I bought the unit. Can I operate this in the US on 115 volts? Can a technician change the voltage? If I use a voltage converter, will it pollute the power to the amp?
In all likelihood, a technician can make this change. I had a DAC changed by the manufacturer (Classe') at a cost of US$50.
It would probably be easier to alter your service panel to provide a dedicated 230 volt line to your amp than to convert the amp to 115 volt.

In addition, the sonics of 230v should be superior to that of 115v.

I would send an email to the manufacturer regarding doing either option just to ensure you're not going to fry something.
I agree with Stehno. Possibly you already have a 230VAC line to your house, which you could utilise.