convergent/koetsu. Opinions

I need a recommendation about matching between CAT SL mkIII and koetsu rosewood.
Your experiences and opinions please.
Thanks and regards
Heard it quite a few times at my dealer's setup. CAT has plenty of gain. it can support Koetsu's 0.5 output easyly. You can't go wrong with this combination. Sound is fantastic. (I have the Rosewood myself).

I listened to my RSP with a friend's CAT preamp. I am still amazed at how quiet the Koetsu's are. The CAT has enough for an RSP which has an even lower output.
Yes Cat has good enough gain to cope with 0.5Mv, but input sensitivity of your poweramp has a great deal to do.
Using a Onyx/CAT with great effect. Only need to turn up to around 10-11 o'clock on the dial. Maybe a LITTLE lacking in dynamics with only .25 mv, but should be good with .5mv. Also, I ordered a 1K plug for the loading. That seems about right...