Convergent audio + Walker Audio Omega Micro

Anyone experience with the Walker Omega Micro inteconnects
with CAT JL2 + SL1 Ultimate?

Robert, I don't have CAT gear, so I can't directly answer your question. I do use the Omega Mikro Ebony cables (active, cryo'd) as a phono cable to my Aesthetix Io Signature, and I use the Omega Mikro active cryo'd speaker cables with my Atma-Sphere MA-2s and Eidolons. What I can share is that these cables are the most neutral and transparent cables I've ever heard, with an astounding capability to transfer information intact without any compression and with the greatest integrity of harmonic information I've experienced. They are everything Lloyd claims them to be and they are well worth auditioning in your system. Best of luck!
Hi. You should contact their german distributor Mr. Bold in Berlin as he carries CAT as well as Omega Micro, Audio Aero and Ascendo (all great names in high-end audio). I know he uses Omega Micro speaker cable and interconnects with CAT as well as Electraglide power cords. Hope this helps.