Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Reference

If anyone has one of these, would it be possible to take a picture of the inside circuit board (relatively high def) so I can find required parts that need replacing. I have some small resisters, and a voltage regulator that burnt, and no visible codes present. If anyone could help me with this, I would be eternally grateful.
unfortunately for you (& all other CAT owners), the only way to get replacement parts is to get in touch w/ CAT. The codes on all passive parts is a special CAT-only code such that only CAT has the exact replacement parts. It is my understanding that this is done to protect CAT's IP & also ensure that the sonics are always what the manuf intended.
This might seem like a pain but, after having owned CAT preamps for 10+ years, I can say that they rarely break (in my case none ever broke).
How did you manage to burn a few resistors & a voltage regulator? Sounds like product abuse to me....
There were/are a few versions of the CAT SL1 Reference. You would need to list the circuit board version #, and provide a photo of the section where the resistors blew/burnt...line stage section or phono?