Convergent Audio SL1 MKIII pre-amp best for $2k?

Is the Convergent Audio CAT SL 1 MK3 the best pre-amp used at around $2000 to 2300 in the used market?

Are there better pre-amps on the used market that provide a well balanced, natural sound, allowing the source to be true.
See my response to your other identical thread.
BTW, IF you can get a SL1 Mk3 for that price, jump on it asap...or I will!
As a happy owner of a CAT SL 1 MK3, I can tell you that the only thing that would make me get rid of mine Ultimate MK 2

this pre-amp is on my short-list;
which brand(s) of gear are you using around it? PLease include cables/cords as well.

How many versions exist? How many upgrades?
Happy Listening!