Convergent Audio CAT JL3 tube biasing/manual

I have just purchased a used pair of CAT JL3 Sig Mark 2 mono blocks and they came without a manual or instructions on tube biasing.
I would be very grateful to anyone who could offer advice on tube biasing and push-pull balance or even better if they had an electronic version of the manual.

[email protected]
I can scan and email the manual that I have as I have the same amps. My email is [email protected] The manual is only a few pages.
I have a good friend who had the JL-1 monos. Like many Audio Research amps, it's not possible to bias individual push-pull pairs - you can only bias an entire bank of tubes, which requires owners to purchase very carefully matched octets. I'm not criticizing the sound of the amp - the CAT amps are spectacularly good and have no equal in their ability to drive virtually any speaker, but they can be a real pain to tube and I suspect you're going to hear this from owners here.
Many thanks to Bugman03 for his offer and Dearing for the input. I now have a copy of the manual.