Controlling McIntosh MS300 with iPad

Hello - I absolutely AM NOT an audiophile (because of my lack of technical knowledge).  However, am a lover of high end stereo equipment.  I purchased a used McIntosh MS300 that did not come with a keyboard.  I thought that was okay because, at the time, I had an Escient music server with a keyboard.  It turned out that my Escient keyboard WOULD NOT control my McIntosh and I've since gotten rid of my Escient.  I understand that a music server can be controlled with an Apple iPad.   I do own an iPad.  However, I have no idea how to connect the two.  Does anyone know of any DETAILED instructions on how to connect the two?

Looks like you have to access it through your iPad web browser via an IP address (as long as they are on the same network).

Here's a qoute from 6 Moons:

Next in line is the choice of IP address so the MS300 can communicate with the rest of the computers in the house. As default IP address, the MS300 uses the generic address with a mask of and uses as its default gateway. We can set it to, and respectively for our private network.

We use one of our Macintosh computers to browse the MS300, typing our just configured IP address as the URL into the Opera browser. The MS300 menu pops up within seconds and now displays in full color. From this point forward, the TV screen can be disconnect and the online menu be used instead.

 Scroll halfway down this page to see it:
Thank you jwilsco for your response.  I've not had an opportunity to try this because i've discovered I have another problem: since I couldn't connect my iPad to my server, I just unplugged my server (because even in "standby" mode it is still "on").  Now I can't get the server to come on!!!  As soon as I figure this out, I will try your solution.  Thanks again.