Controlling a PC with Monitor or Smartphone

Senior Newby Question:
I have a microPC (with Win 8pro) I built and want to use it to play/stream music to my stereo through a DAC.
Do I need a monitor (touchscreen?) or can I use my Android Note 3?
There is so much new stuff I can't keep up with...


If you use JRiver you can go headless with JRemote. But... You will need a monitor and mouse to initially set everything up. Then you can go headless to play music and do minor things like making a playlist.

I leave everything hooked up but I use my Android to play music without turning the monitor on.

Thanks, that was what I was looking for.
I was pretty sure I needed a monitor for the pc. I am leaning toward a cheap touchscreen around 12-15 inches. Anyone know of one?
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I do the same ejr.
I ended up with a nifty used Lenovo Thinkvision wireless monitor that was on Amazon for a great price. It has great resolution, though the software is a little buggy.
I got everything set up and now can stream music to my stereo system.