Controling the main system from the second zone

What is the best method of controling (volume, DVD, source,etc) the system from the second zone. I have B&K preamp and amps, Denon DVD.
If your preamp has a repeater input, get a keypad. McIntosh does this but I don't know about B&K.
Although I love B&K sound. Using their remotes, especially for a second zone is tough. They tend to work quite differently if setting up an aftermarket remote, keypad or IR repeater system. That's why I got rid of my B&K.

If you are comfortable with your B&K remote, get a basic little niles MSU480 and an inwall IR receiver and volume control. This should set you back about 300 for all. Then, you can either use your B&K remote from the other room via the inwall keypad or you can just turn on the volume and listen to what's on.

From the MSU480, you will have one output to the IR input on your B&K or to an IR repeater over the input eye on the B&K. The niles has additional outputs to control the other gear. If your B&K remote works the denon too, great. If not, you have to carry around 2 remotes.

The 2 hardest parts are pulling cat-5 wire/speaker wire and programming the B&K remote.