Control volume at speaker cable level for A/B??


I have a speaker-level switchbox, and I want to do some A/B comparisons between speakers. The volume control on my switchbox is to coarse to effectively match the volume between the speakers.

Is there a way that I can attach a volume control device to one of the pairs of speaker cable so that I can match the volume of the 2 pairs of speakers precisely?

Is there an off the shelf product that will let me do this?

Thanks in advance!!!
Niles and others have made speaker selectors with volume for each pair of speakers.

Buy 2 (Mono) or 4 (Stereo) of these, this way both speakers (sets) have the same set of circumstances for evaluating them.

Best of luck

Thanks Peter! I have a 200W amp (Class D). Should these be compatible with it?

Elevick - Yeah, I actually have a Niles box. Unfortunately the steps are like 3DB apart so it is hard to match the volumes with it