Control volume at speaker cable level for A/B??


I have a speaker-level switchbox, and I want to do some A/B comparisons between speakers. The volume control on my switchbox is to coarse to effectively match the volume between the speakers.

Is there a way that I can attach a volume control device to one of the pairs of speaker cable so that I can match the volume of the 2 pairs of speakers precisely?

Is there an off the shelf product that will let me do this?

Thanks in advance!!!
A better option would be for you to get a cheap spl meter and mark the volume positions on your preamp where both speakers are at the same level. Using a switchbox will definitely effect how the system sounds. You won't have A/B switching doing it this way, but you really don't need to use it.
I'm OK with the fact that a switchbox isn't 100% transparent. ANyone know of one with a fine-grained volume control?

Or an easy to hookup smooth volume control that I can just run the louder speakers into and attenuate?
Niles and others have made speaker selectors with volume for each pair of speakers.

Buy 2 (Mono) or 4 (Stereo) of these, this way both speakers (sets) have the same set of circumstances for evaluating them.

Best of luck

Thanks Peter! I have a 200W amp (Class D). Should these be compatible with it?

Elevick - Yeah, I actually have a Niles box. Unfortunately the steps are like 3DB apart so it is hard to match the volumes with it