Contrast Ratio?

I started doing a little more research on the difference of tv.s I had thought about getting the Panasonic 1080p 42"plasma. they have 2 different contrast ratios, one with 20,000:1 and one with 30,000:1 my question is, can you really see the difference between the 2. I watched them side by side and I couldn't really see a difference until you step up to about a 50" tv. thanks for input
Joe, There is as yet NO standard or regulation for contrast ratio. If a mfgr wants to publish a million to one contrast no one can stop them. Sort of like the power ratings race in the 80s. Buy the set you like that fits your budget. Don't buy on specs.
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I agree with the above posters. I got swindled by Sharp!!!
They claimed a 13,000:1 contrast ratio. Well FWIW - I can easily tell by comparing it to my Pansonic Plasma that this was pure and utter and total BS and lies. The contrast on an LCD TV's is absolute crap compared to Plasma....PERIOD. I will never let myself by swindled again...I will go plasma next time. Sure the LCD's are very bright and sunny scenes will have you shading your eyes...but they have a big problem with blacks and night scenes...BIG TIME!

I am also considering both of the current Panasonic Plasmas to replace my old Panasonic SDTV plasma. You are correct that they list the contrast ratios as 20,000 for one and 30,000 for the other, but I believe they list the dynamic contract ratio of both as 1,000,000. Reviews I've read said you can see the difference , especially with dark backgrounds.

The other differences between the two are PC inputs for the more expensive model and better cosmetics for the more expensive unit (subjective).

I think I'm going with the more expensive model so I can use the TV as the monitor for my future PC based digital music playback system.


Thanks guys, I knew I'd get the scoop here. I personally don't see a difference between the 2. Reub- as for the pc input device, I thought about that feature and can't see myself ever using it. I don't do digital download or i-pod music. I have no other reason to hook up my computer to the tv. I still believe in CD's, probably mostly because I haven't seen "my" music available on-line although that all seems to be changing. I probably should go to the archives and get caught up to speed on the "wave of the future", but frankly, I'm tired of changes.... sounds like a song coming on..