Contrast audio (Ukraine). Customer Review of Midrange/Tweeter Drivers.

During more than two decade Contrast audio produce unique loudspeaker systems, which providing especially high capabilities in live and emotional reproduction of sound, which can be perfect as a part of your stereo system or as a front channel of your home cinema, providing high sound quality and assembly standards in High-End segment since 1996.

First of all Contrast audio loudspeakers are not only the quality of manual assembly, but also the full production cycle of all components (including highly linear drivers etc.), that were designed in accordance with the requirements of the Contrast audio philosophy. Where the main idea is:1. Ease of electrical filtration.

Especial design construction features, that was implemented in our loudspeakers, significantly minimizing negative influence factor on amplified signal, on the stage of commutation/ frequency matching drivers (bands) between each other in one single frequency range we hear.

2.Use of only natural source materials.

The natural materials are closely to the nature of sounds.

The natural timbral sound reproduction capabilities of loudspeaker system is extremely important, that's why in construction of our acoustic components include only natural materials as paper, wood, natural silk, batist…


Listening setup:

Amp: Restek Factor (revision 2016)

CD: Restek Radiant (latest Revision 2016)

Recordplayer:: ATOC9 Moving Coil at Thorens TD 320

Main speakers: Fischer & Fischer Loudspeaker SN 300 (closed slate stone cabinet with Dynaudio Esostar and 2x7" Dynaudio Midwoofers)

Mogami Cable with WBT Bananas

Cabinets are made of MDF: 25mm front, 29mm sides, with 4mm Bitumen, 10mm Felt and some damping wool at special places. Bracing horizontally and vertically mad e the cabinets rock solit and absolutely quiet.

First impression,...surprise. I was expecting a more direct and broadband sound, like from similar high sensitive speakers like Fostex, or TangBand. For a 93 db/Wm speaker, I was surprised by the smoothness and coolness of the sound.

Fascinating guitar and voices, but is this real or just the effect of too much of a mid tone expression, I did ask this myself after the first notes.

Therefore, and also to wake up the drivers, I started listening with electrical Music like Yello, "Habernera" It sounded impressive and with deep bass. Everything was there and nothing missing. Maybe the deep, deep electronic bass could become a bit more precise. But I compare to the closed SN 300, which is kind of unfair to compare a 5,5" driver in BR with 2x 7"in a closed stone cab. Overall very impressive for such a small speaker (I left the bass reflex tube with 12cm lenght for a experiment, as simulated, before shortening it)

Going to the CD "Jazz at the Pawnshop" the bass guitar went into the background and lost fundament, compared to the SN300. But this was not as bad as it opened the room deeper and provided more space.

Following with a vinyl record from Bach "Herkules auf dem Scheideweg" a impressive small opera like tune with a lady that produces goosebumps at your arms, the speakers did very well and produced everything in a quite unusual and new manner. I started flipping through my music collections until late in the night and experiences a lot of records in a new way.

Sometimes I compared with my SN 300 and yes, they are still producing more substance, room and highs, but like my wife has correctly stated before she went to bed, these speakers could replace my Fischer&Fischer SN 300 . The "little ones" sound in the same class, but with different pronunciation. That they lack the authority of two 7" woofers is easily forgivable..

Listening to the Dave Mathews Band album "Crash" I did discover a slight difference between the Contrast Audio Tweeter and the Dynaudio Esostar. The later is for my ears and experience still one of the best tweeters. I could experience some in my past as there are: Coral 105 ring radiators, Ribbons from Swans, Eton, Mundorf and Dome tweeters from Seas and Audax. Thereby the Audax and Seas are nearby in the capability to reproduce sound naturally and not artificially made up, the ribbons sound sweet and full but for my ears not quite right. But this is really personal and not objective)

Compared to the Contrast Audio Tweeter, the Esostar is still a bit more "open and brilliant in a quiet way". The Dynaudio differentiates cymbals and high-hats and puts them more correctly in the room where they belong. The contrast audio tweeter is here, "sorry to say" a good companion for the mid woofer and the overall sound reproduction of the speakers. But after listening and comparing some hours, the Contrast Audio Tweeter is leaving me with some desire for more open and clear differentiation of the room for the very high sounds. The more I think about ist, it might also be caused by the wide overlap between mid woofer and tweeter. During the weekend, I will measure frequency response, SPL and overall Impedance and maybe experiment a bit (was the main reason for the bi-wiriing terminal).

But, I have to say, this is only to be recognised in comparison with the SN 300 and the Esostar and after hours of very critical listening.

By listening to the Contrast Audio itself, nothing is missed.

To summarise; This is a speaker, speaking the truth in a lovely and quickly understandable language. There are better speakers on earth, but I have not discovered a lot of speakers (and if, for $$$$$)

making so much fun to listen to.

Big Recommendation.

Kind Regards

Robert Rupprecht

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Do you sell these speakers sir?
Hi Robert,
You are a new member I see, and you may not be aware of it, but it is considered bad manners on these forums to review your own goods without clearly stating that you are the dealer or manufacturer. Calling it a customer review is deceptive and then adding a facebook link is even worse.