Contacting Audiogon

I am having trouble with billing for same item three times and want to contact support to fix this. While I can sign unto A'gon site fine,but when I go to fill out ticket for help it says I have incorrect password, if I try to reset password in that response form screen, no email is sent to me to reset. I can rest in my main screen, then around and around - could someone from A'gon please call me at (828) 693-0647, or send me a phone number to call you. Too complicated for email.
Hopefully, Tammy will see this and get back to you.
If not, PM me and I will try on my end.
Thanks Bob will wait till tomorrow am to hear from Tammy, then PM you.
send an email to   Attn: Tammy
stereo 5Thanks I did what you recommend this evening
Looks like a glitch in Audiogon billing to me
Just sold an item this morning that had ALL fees paid up front and then I get a bill from Audiogon asking me to pay MORE selling fees so that aint right!
I have sent an email to Tammy already this morning, hopefully they can resolve this error in their system.
Tammy to the rescue swiftly yet again.

Turns out the "glitch" was me... Lol
Makes a change from being the Grinch anyways!


I hope Tammy resolved your problems just as swiftly and efficiently!

Audiogon would be lost without her IMHO.
Tammy helped this morning - we are still working on it, but she was very responsive, knowledgeable and pleasant
gammajo OP808 posts08-21-2019 11:18am
Tammy helped ... she was very responsive, knowledgeable and pleasant.
Tammy is a gem and - among other things - helps keep the Audiogon forum a civil place.
All issues now solved - yea!
Hi Tammy,I've been locked out for a fee of $2.00, It's been paid I have a PayPal account so why do I get a late fee, locked out? It's automatically taken out of PayPal account.??
I received my daily email for the Audiogon Discussion Group and was asked to log in.  Why Suddenly do I have to log in?  When logging in I used what I thought to be my user name and password and it would not work.  Can someone explain why I am having this problem and help me?

You can contact me at:
Larry Edwards