Contact lens cleaner for cleaning stylus cartridge ?

Would it be safe to brush and clean cartridge stylus with Contact lens cleaner ?  Or did you try other more affordable and safe cleaner ?
Why take a chance? A company like Stylast makes products designed for cleaning a stylus. There are also a myriad of other ways to clean a stylus without using any fluid at all, such as by ultrasonics and using magic eraser and similar products. So my overall answer is I would stay away from my contact lens cleaner.
My suggestion and opinion....

Check with the cartridge manufacturer to find out their recommendations for cleaning their stylus. Most use some kind of adhesive to attach the stylus to the cantilever. The last thing you want to do is to use or do ANYTHING that loosen that attachment or cause the stylus to become detached.

Contact cleaner is probably a benign solution, but why take any chance at all?
The only cleaner that is really safe is Lyra SPT Stylus Performance Treatment.Lens cleaner never use it unless you wish to destroy your cartridge.
In considering the OP’s question, doesn’t contact lens cleaner contain a bit of lubricant? Wouldn’t that potentially form a film on the cantilever and stylus that could pick up more contaminants?
Thanks every one for your good advice 
Has the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser been wiped from the collective Audiogon cultural memory?

Here’s a photo of a stylus that has never been touched by any stylus fluid - only the Magic Eraser:

Thom @ Galibier Design
@thom_mackris Thank you for that hint. I have 3 styli that are 2nd hand ("lightly used") and I have checked their condition under a microscope. apart from a lot of fibre at the neck of the cartridge the needle and rod seem to be in good shape. But as it will be a small while until I use them, I can spend some constructive time to delicately clean them, which on close inspection, the needles and rods are dull; in good shape but with vinyl build-up. The previous owners have tried to keep them clean with dunk gel pads, and the occasional brush, but not the recuperative effect of ME. Thanks again! A.
When I spoke to Soundsmith, he recommends a small blob of Blutack to dip the stylus into.....I’ve been using this with no complaints  He recommended against using Magic Eraser.....don't know why.
Correction, I have 3 cartridges which are second hand but the styli are in good condition....   I need to be accurate with the descriptions and semantics or be cruelled!
Lens cleaner should be fine, alcohol is fine. But I wouldn’t do this often. If stylus is getting dirty fast, focus on cleaning the records.

I don’t remember the last time I cleaned my 2M Black. I play every day and the stylus looks like it came out of the box new.

If it does become slightly dirty, simply playing one side of a new record gets it looking new again.

Avoid blu tack and magic eraser at all costs!
Liquids are not harmful to the stylus itself. However, they can have detrimental effects on adhesives applied to the cantilever and cartridge body. 

Magic Eraser and Blutack are excellent cleaners if used correctly. Ignore those who dismiss either or both. 

thom, +1 for the Magic Erasure / Very effective