Contact info of Steve Huntley

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Anyone happens to have the contact info of Steve Huntley, Great Northern Sound? I have a question on my ARC amp and would like to get his input.

Here's the info I found:

Steve Huntley joins Resolution Audio as Sales and Marketing Director 18 Nov. 2010

Resolution Audio is very pleased to announce that Steve Huntley has joined us as Sales and Marketing Director.

Steve has contributed to the high-end audio industry for almost 25 years in his work at Audio Research Corporation, California Audio Labs, Wadia Digital, and currently as president and founder of Great Northern Sound Company. Steve's love of music, thorough knowledge of audio electronics, long experience in the audio business, and well-known respect and passion for Resolution Audio products make Steve a great addition.

Steve will contribute to Resolution Audio day to day operations in many ways especially in customer support and in developing our dealer/distributor network. We welcome Steve as he opens new possibilities for Resolution Audio while maintaining his long-established business, Great Northern Sound Company.

2013 Resolution Audio • • +1 415 553 4100
Maybe I can help. I'm on his list of ARC service providers....
Thanks guys.

I want to replace the 300uF 450v caps in my D90. I checked with ARC. The original cap is no longer made. They do have a cap kit which includes a cap and an adaptor, but unbelievably expensive. I would like to get Steve's input to see if there is any replacement cap that fits. Any suggestion?

What is the diameter of the old part? Does it have screw terminals?

Off hand this does not sound like it would be all that hard to find something.
I will give you my 2 cents. The problem is that, generally speaking, the twist lock caps that came with the amp, hence the hole pattern on the circuit board, were pretty awful caps. The new caps are much better as they are not twist lock caps but have a small circuit board adapter on each one. In fact you can consider it an upgrade. With those caps, the amp should sound better than when it was new. There are other electrolytic caps that should be replaced in that amp as well due to their age. If you would like to discuss it further you can email me :
It is 35mm. The lead spacing is 10mm. Snap in type. I looked at mouser and digikey. They have caps of the same diameter and spacing, but shorter. There are quite a few. As Hifigeek1 explained the origianl caps are twist lock which I don't quite understand yet. Will have to desolder one out and check.

Anyone has experience or recommendation on the replacement caps?

Snap-in caps work fine- as well as any other electrolytic.

Most electrolytics will have similar performance. Its mostly about the application- for example some situations they might need to handle more ripple current, or survive higher temperatures. Take a look at the part you have in there right now. If it is rated for 85 degrees C, then that is the less expensive rating- the higher rating is 105 degrees C. Performance-wise though they are the same.

Just make sure your replacement part has the same voltage rating! Personally I go with recognized brands whenever I can: Nichicon, Sprague, Illinois, Mallory, that sort of thing. Don't buy electrolytics off of ebay- there are Chinese counterfeits out there that will blow up quite readily.

Newer caps tend to be smaller than older ones. Its been that way for decades. So don't worry if the replacements are a little shorter- that's a good thing. It means your replacements are new :)
I am looking at the cap, Kemet 470uF 450v 0.252Ohm ESR.

Looks professional. It is black, not blue or gray I usually see though.
You would want the ALC40 series as those caps are rated at 105C if they are available...

Any contact for Steve I need some service on one of his mods. I am in Newport Beach, CA

I have a ARC VS110 that needs a new cap.
I do not have any contact info on Steve. Sorry.
As I understand it, he is no longer providing service.
Johnhaines, if you need the amp repaired that is no worries. We do lots of tube equipment.
Thanks Atmasphere ... I unfortunately saw this a little late..but got it fixed anyhow by an ARC repair guy in LA.

I am contemplating acquiring another of Steve's creations... I decided to NEVER sell my Audio Research VS 110. Which is bizarre since when I first got it and it would not run my larger planars I couldn't wait to dump it...but after matching it with better speakers I could not be happier and have not found anything better at any price. And I have gone to all the audio shows.. I must say..I do like those Kondo amps...but who can afford those????