Consummate MK 3 vs VK-5i vs Klangquele vs K3

There are so many brands, and even more models. I want better amplification. Not sure just what my budget is going to be, depends on a few factors I have no control over at them moment. But still I look around see what is available.

Now I have come across some nice amps on 2nd hand sites and these 3 caught my attention. The Jeff Rowland Consumate mk3, BAT VK-5i, Ayre K3 and Symphonic line Klangquelle. All three are different beasts, tubes, balanced, with or without phono pre.

Now I am relative new to the audio scene. Only been into about for about 8 years and since I am a bit lazy I have seen or heard much beside my own system. I have a feeling that a pre amp is more of an influence in a system then the power amp. Correct me if I am wrong.

I like to play (hard) rock, metal, alternative and classical music ect. From my limited experience I think many amp are either very detailed but don't rock or are veiled but do give more emotion. Then some amps destroy the dynamics.

What I want from a pre is something that will give good dynamics, good detail but not to bright. Many rock and metal recordings are not the best so I don't mind of the amp makes the music a bit more listener friendly but I still want to hear screaming guitars and not like some tube amps that turn tortured guitars into a lullaby.

I do think that many amps today are to polite, they may work great with jazz and light rock but when Fear Factory does their thing or Nick cave goes wild I want to hear that to. Maybe I am asking to much, maybe my speakers cannot handle what I want and maybe my room is to small for all this 26m2. But I want to try anyway.

So what of the pre amps I mentioned will be what I am looking for? Since most of them are 2nd hand there is big chance I will have to buy them unheard. My power amp also needs replacement but that is I think an other project.

I hope people understand what I am ranting about :)
I really like my VK5i. It has TungSol and Matsushida tubes which sound better than stock for sure. Have not heard the other preamps you mention.