Construction Question

I'm taking part of my second story 16' by 24',and raising the walls to make a theater.My question is.I've heard square or rectangle walls are bad for sound.My layout and construction are wide open.Does anyone know where a person could get some info or plans on the net?
In fact, not only have I fixed nightmare systems that so-called "seasoned expert installers/integrators" have designed and installed, but I've been to homes of enthusiests who've built dedicated custom theater spaces from scratch (like your doing), who actually ended up having their theater rooms displayed in major magazine publications! - only to asses all the major flaws, short-comings, serious issues, and bad choices they made, and knowing how they could have done several hundred percent better on the results, in literally dozens of areas!!!
So, I'm not trying to rain on the party. Infact, I encourage and applaud the effort! I personally however, like above-par, stellar, even world class results from custom theater ambitions. And I know what it takes to achieve that...years and years of knowledge, experience, and trial and error.
good luck
To me..the fun is in the learning.The research,trials and errors.Besides the upgrading along the way is a blast.I'm well aware of how difficult this will be.But my wife gave me the keys to this project "the only 1 in the house of course".So I plan to drive the crap out of it.And in the end..It's my idea done my way..Not someone else's vision of what they think I want.
"Not someone else's vision of what they think I want." (Ralphnoonan)

What they think you want? No. Actually you would work WITH THEM, and you would tell them EXACTLY what you want - and they would give you all the variables, options, potential and likely realized results, applications, avenues, choices, etc! In, the end, it would your your vision, mixed with their experiences. Hopefully, you would curb your choices based on their warnings on potential pit-falls - and maybe use their recommendations to help mold YOUR vision!
I personally don't think getting someone else's guidance and assistance would mean having THEIR VISION, AND NOT YOURS! (I mean if you don't want anyone else's vision -as you say - then why are you asking other people's opinion and help, if you say you only want YOUR VISION!!! I'm confused)
Remember, team work is a an extremely valuable option (Note: Michael Jordan lost a 2-on-1 half-court b-ball match up in the 80's vs. Charlie and Martin Sheen - and Jordan was the best there ever was!).
Just some input here.
Good luck on your project
Flrnlamb..I just want to build a theater.I don't want to pay someone to do it,or to work with me.If that's what I wanted I would've asked that.My question is still the same."Looking to read about the building of a theater via online or mag..Maybe find some different idea's".I appreciate your view,but it never really answered my question.
Ralphnoonan, you have to forgive us for out zeal in trying to help you put together a truly quality home theater project!
We here at A'gon (and I think I speak for many here), simply are interested in not only ourselves, but people like you who are DIY'ers (if Novices) getting excellent results from your project. Many of us know that, without some expert guidance, your system will go the route of the vast majority - mediocre-ville! And we simply don't want that for you, in our selfishness. So for that, please for give us.
Back to your question:

"Does anyone know where a person could get some info or plans on the net?"

Yes, simply go to, type in "home theater construction techniques, and pull up a near endless supply or information pertaining to your topic!!!
You will then have about as much varying opinions, suggestions, bias's, differing design ideas, construction techniques, varying views on room dimension recommendations, structural design parameters, and as many opposing view points, as you will get by asking everyone here on this site, which equipment you should chose!!!
Sorry, but I simply don't see how getting someone to point some site where you might find "one person's" recommended building plans for your job, where you can actually decipher whether they would be what you would want to chose for your project!!!
But, that's just me...
Good luck