Constellation Integrated 1.0

Wondering if anyone has heard this integrated, especially compared with the Luxman 509X. I love my 509 with ML 11a's but looking down the road might consider a change. Thanks.
Not sure if you’ll find someone who can speak directly about comparing the Luxman to the Constellation, but here is a Constellation review:

IIRC Constellation Audio started with several high profile audio engineers working together to successfully create a cost-no-object reference electronics.  Trickle down technology “successfully” created 3 lower levels of less costly electronics, methods, and materials while maintaining audio sonic excellence.  The lowest level Inspiration Pre 1.0 and Stereo 1.0 has received TAS’s top 50 bargains awards.
Not sure how it compares to the Inspiration Integrated but I expect it to be voiced similarly.  I purchased the Pre and Stereo used for $16k.