consonance turnadot cdp break in time

Hi , I was wondering how long it takes for this cdp to fully reach its potential? Also, when breaking the unit in does my entire system need to be on or can I just run cds through the cdp without my tube integrated running all day?
No experience with the Turandot but have had plenty of cdps. A good rule of thumb would be 200 to 400 hours. Any cdp should hit its stride by 400 hours. At about 200 hours I'd suggest turning the unit off for half a day and then back on for 200 more hours. Your entire system does not need to be on. You can play a cd on repeat with your integrated turned off.
Break it any time you get mad at it . No one can predict when or if that will happen.
I to have a turandot CDP.The dealer I got it from recommended 50 to 60 hours of break in time.My experience differs.I would say about 150 to 200 hours break in time would be more appropiate.After the 60 hour mark I still kept hearing a gradual softening of the high end.By the way its a great CDP, especially if you can get one used.I categorized it as extremely neutral.Ive never had a CDP that changes so much from cd to cd .If you can live with a CDP that reveals the recording to such great extent, be it good or bad, this CDP is it at its price .My system consist of Audible Illusions modulus 3a with gold phono board, Mccormack DNA 125 amplifier,Magnepan 1.6qr speakers and jps superconductor interconnets and speaker cable
Thanks for all for the input. I'm enjoying the unit and now look forward to reaching 150? hours to hear it at its best..I'm at 50/60 hrs and it is sounding pretty good. Manny, I have to agree that it is very neutral and plays what is put in it. Thanks again