Consonance Reference 2.2 Auricap Mod

I have a Solen Cap Consonance Ref 2.2 CDP and need detailed information on the Auricap Mod. I would like to due the mod myself. I have seen updates using Mundorf SIO 2.2 uf 800V (very expensive) but I have Solen 3.9uf 400V caps. If I can't find detailed information. Can it still be sent out for the mods. I think the price was $300 for the mods. Which may be still worth it. 
Talk to Steve Monte at Quest for Sound in Bensalem PA.  He sells the Opera Consonance gear.  He did a cap upgrade for my Consonance Cyber 800 mono-blocks and I've been using a Consonance Ref. 50 that came stock with Auricaps.  I expect he will know what your options are.  
Thanks Ghosthouse I got in touch with Steve. I am going try Auricap replacements for the Solen caps. Steve said better bass & soundstaging. There are other mods I can try but for now one at a time.
I would to with V-Caps over the Auri any day of the week.  Contact Chris at V-Cap tell him I sent you.
A agree with bigkidz. Forget about Auricap as you can actually improve the sound more with a better cap. Vcap Copper ones are great. I find the Jupiter copper foils ones even better. I
Updated the Consonance Reference 2.2 Tube circuit.
Replaced the Solen 3.9 uf 400V caps with Auricap 4.0 uf 400V Auricaps. Replaced OPA 2604 opamps with OPA 2107 opamps. Made a huge difference in detail, soundstage and bass. A lot cleaner sounding. Well worth the price. Still need to change Wilma .1uf caps under tube and change filtered IEC socket. Wish I had a schematic.