Consonance Mods Anyone?

Has anyone compared an Opera Audio Consonance a120 Hybrid Integrated Stereo amplifier to one modified by QuestForSound or MrHiEnd, or anyone else?
I am wondering how the modification compares to the original. The reason I ask is that I've just ordered a Van Alstine Fet Valve Ultra 350 Hybrid amplifier (not arrived yet) and plan on using the pre-outs of my integrated as the pre-amp for the new Fet Valve to save from buying a different pre-amp.

The a120 is the only high-end amp I've owned so I don't know whether I even like its pre-amp capabilities enough to keep it as is, modify it, or sell it and find a different pre-amp altogether. Or even if modifications, in general, ever add much quality to gear - I wish to avoid "putting lipstick on a pig", as they say.

Any input (no pun intended) would be appreciated.
Thank you.
You have a great pair of speakers.
I have heard the a120 and think that your speakers are probably telling enough to warrant a better integrated or separates (not to poo on your choice of integrated). I would listen to the new combo to see if it sounds good but not entirely judge the new amp until you audition a better preamp with it.

Very respectable system.

Good luck!