Consonance Droplet

Need feedback on this player. I have a good deal on this CDP but never head it. I'm afraid it would sound like a Shanling CD T100, anemic 2D, and polite. Comments would be very helpfull. My last CDP was a Cary 306 SACD.
I've owned this a year...anything but anemic and prior was a BAT VKD5se and feel the Droplet is superior in everyway....much more tuneful and robust bass,great imaging and staging...plenty of detail...I have yet to encounter an owner who didn't feel the same way...I can't imagine the Shanling would compete...not familiar with your old Cary.And I also find the Droplet's unique design to be appealing. BTW the build quality is as good as it gets. Prior to the BAT I owned a Wadia 830 and that was good but definitely 2D presentation.
Thanks a lot Larry. Yours comments are very helpfull.
Tomahack - I've owned my Droplet for about 6 mos. and if Larry's favorable (and accurate)comments were not enough, let me just say that it is probably the biggest over-achiever in reasonably priced CDP's currently availble. It is smooth, musical, and full sounding. The complete polar opposite of anemic, IMO. (It actually beat out my Audio Aero Capitole Mk II - no easy feat).
Hi Tomahack- Just curious why you sold the Cary 306 SACD? I tried the Droplet and thought it was okay- nothing special. I now own the Cary 306 SACD and think it is much better than the Droplet. The 306 (in my system) was more dynamic, had more detail, better imaging, and more engaging. I was also not impressed as some with the build quality. It appeared to have a lot of "wrapping" instead of true inside-out build quality if that makes sense.
Hello Fsarc,

I based my choice on feedbacks and the fact that the Droplet have buit-in volume control like the 303-300 that I owned before the 306. I will probably sell it anyway when the new transport from CEC will be available sometime this fall. The only weak aspect of the 306 IMO is the limited image depth.

Do you have any info on the new transport from CEC? Price? Belt drive? Is it supposed to replace the TL2X?

Only info I got is that it is suppose to slip between the TL-0x and the TL-51X with a retail price around $3500. Double suspension, belt drive.