consonance cyber 800

cyber 800 owners, what tubes are you using?
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The output tubes in mine are the stock EH 6CA7s fat bottles, if you didn't get them go out of your way to find a set of 8 . These are true beam tetrodes and I love emn. Never thought I would like an Electroharmonix.
The input and driver tubes stock are ptetty darned good but I rolled them to Mullard Mil Spec CV2943s and Tung Sol "Nos" 5687s. So far every time I hear them I sit there in awe. These are the world beater amps I was looking for. Do you like yours?
I also like the stock el34 but would like to try some Mullards next. 6922s were replaced with Amperex orange label -O- plate NOS and Tung-sol 5687 NOS . After Bob Backert mod 5687 is complitly by-passed and not in the chain. It seemed to slow this awesome amps quite a bit.
looking at these for now, high on my list,
it is my understanding from the distributor that the stock philips 5687 is in fact a relabeled tungsol and i am thinking about getting nos tesla(not jj) for the 6922's.
ge 6dj8's have also come up as replacements.
I am using tesla 6922 and enjoying . also liked amperex bugle boy. pity I dont have any orange lable :) would like to find out more about the power tubes that I cant use ... not all seem to be compatible with the 800.
I just got some NOS Siemans EL34s......will report later about their sonic character and synergy with Cybers.
The source of these tubes, did some comparison for me and said that they are about 80% performance of famous Mullards.
Amperex 6922s Bugle Boys sounded also very good with Cybers.
I no longer have any use for 5687, they were by-passed with custom board - retrofit and optimized by Bob Beckart, the man behind the mods. Expensive but well worth it.
Every amp that I am auditioning right now faild to surpass Cyber's speed, transparency and dynamics.........the last one was from very well know American Company that costs 10K.
It was simply crushed to pieces.
If you live in NY area and what to compare stock Cyber to modded version, let me know.

Hi Mrjstark
I am interested to know what the mod required ? I am not in the US so wondering if I could do it here . Does it make the amp quieter ? and what is your thought on the NOS Siemens EL34 ? Thanks .Tony
It's a sad thing indeed that the best of the 6922s are so costly. I had some Siemens/ Halskes from a pror project. They were NOS 3 tears ago maybe 4 years back for 40 a tube from a dealer NIB NOS pair.
Little did I susopect I would require a quatet. The real German tubes. They are faster cleaner and more detailed than th 2943snwhich sopank the in terms of tome and are fast.
Tem market seems to have gone from lucky to find a good pull . To being able to buyfind a 7DJ8 to any type 6922 or even 7308 you want.
Makes me wonder? how well supply and demand works. The demand got dso high all manner of these tubes came out of the hoarding boxes.
Just look at the tubes for sale today the tube that 6922 is being sold (I assume) by several vendors. That always ets off the counterfiet potententialo. They are German 6922 types. When ever the demand gets high ebough for decent people to list S.c.A.s for a thousand a pair. Suddenly their is a loss of sentmental attachment.
"Hi Mrjstark
I am interested to know what the mod required ? I am not in the US so wondering if I could do it here . Does it make the amp quieter ? and what is your thought on the NOS Siemens EL34 ? Thanks .Tony"


Hi Tony

Mods for Cybers - no, you can not do the same mods without cloning Bob's design....which I won't reveal. Sorry

As to Siemens EL 34s - well worth the money (I am not sure what they are worth but I had those for a little bit over $250 *for 8* ....which IMO is a good deal). Not that experienced but IMO these are excellent alternatives to famed Mullards.

Mods seemed to lower floor-noise.

Hope it helps