Consonance Calaf versus Dk Design Vs.1 MkII or III

Anyone compared these two? Similar MSRP, similar design (hybrid integrated), both have wacky cosmetics, both weigh a ton...

Bit more power (200wpc) out of the Calaf versus 160wpc from the DK.

I owned a DK design Vs.1 Mk II and really liked it. Kind of considering getting another, but now the Calaf looks tempting!
I've heard the Calaf at Quest For Sound on a number of occasions.I thought it blew away the DK that Steve carried at that time.Used it to audition the Turandot CD player which I purchased.If I did not have the Cyber 800 amps and Cyber 50 pre I would probably buy the Calaf as well.
My experience was very similar comparing the two, tube input, integrateds. I would add a strong emphasis on the class A claims. The Calaf claims 40wpc in class A for the first 40 watts of about 200 . I can tell you those class A watts sound like real honest to goodness, no nonesense, no new psuedo, sort of, or what have you class A that some manufacturers claim
The Calaf has had some great reviews lately. I owned a DK MkII for a while and didn't like it at all!!