Consonance 2.0 Volume too loud

Maybe someone can help me, I have a consonance 2.0 sacd cdp that I am hooking direct to lamm 1.1's. The unit at the lowest setting, -30, is still too loud. Is there any way to adjust this?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Yeah, you can use Rockwell in-line 10 dB attenuators, if you think 10 dB is enough.
I have the Consonance CD 2.2 and the way it's designed, the volume control does not operate on the XLR side. It does work on the RCA (tube) side, though. Not sure if your's is the same.
That has been my only gripe with the player, as I wanted to plug straight into the power amp. I am now using a balanced preamp with it, and everything sounds great.
Iseekheils. Why didn't you use the RCA(tube) side if you wanted to go direct? Just curious as that is the way I run mine.
Thanks - but I am running it on the rca tube side. The volume works but I can't get the volume low enough. Anyone else having this problem.

Dolfan, A couple of reasons actually, before I bought it, the reviews that I read said it sounded a little better XLR over RCA. Second, I use the same amp for 2 CH & Home Theater, so for connector ease, I use CD with the XLR inputs, and HT with the RCAs. I would have keep changing the RCAs. Also, now that I have heard the CD2.2 both ways, it's subtle but I think it's a little more dynamic sounding with the XLRs. Sonny

The XLR outputs on the Consonance 2.0 are NOT balanced. It is the same signal that is feeding the RCA! Two pins on the XLRs are grounded. I also thought the same until I opened it up and proved it to myself.

Lenardd, You are correct about the 2.0! The 2.2 does have balanced circuitry. It better, because I called "Opera" in China to confirm, before I bought it. I have never looked inside though. Sonny
Hey, I was wondering if you ever solved this problem? Also, was the 6H30 tube upgraded? I thought that might be a possible cause of your volume problem. Let me know, if you're still watching this old thread.