Consolidation of systems - need advice

I currently have two systems in my large family room, a theater set up (lexicon DC2, proceed, B&Ws, velodyne, etc.) and a 2channel (jolida el34, silverline sonatas, arcam CD, MM9 TT, etc.). It's starting to look like a stereo shop and the mrs' is not liking it. I am considering consolidating the system to maybe avantgarde duos (or keeping the sonatas) with a 300b (maybe Cary) as my main theater channels, running all sources through the lexicon. This would involve selling both sets of main speakers and the proceed 2 channel amp. As anyone done anything like this? Would the surround sound be too non-uniform with SET fronts and SS/B&W for center/ rears? Would the sound of the 2ch music be acceptable using a lexicon as a preamp? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I do not know how to demo this equipment in my area and do nto want to make a mistake after spending the money. Thanks
I do 2ch and ht in my one room. 2ch,being more important. So, where there's a will--there's a way.-- OR, the relatives waiting for you to die to see how much---. The mrs. wouldn't be approving my living room, either. I have horns for the front 3. Cones for sides and rears.--In ht, the mis-match doesn't diminish my enjoyment.
I tried it and wasn't happy. The center channel, right and left truly need to be balanced with the same amps and speakers to have a good soundstage. If you are trying to downsize, I would assume that you want a 5 channel amp. The proceed and jolida both have great resale values. Sell them and buy a nice 5 channel amp. If you want to go "hog wild", sell one pair of speakers also and put that towards the amp. My guess is that you can get one heck of an amp for $3000 to $4000 (sunfire, theta, anthem, pass labs....). Many of these amps will sound as warm and smooth as your Jolida but will have tons of resolution and power.
My opinion on the lexicon is that you won't get better sound quality for the buck.