Consolidate/sell my headphone system for a DCS Bartok?

Right now I’ve got a PS Audio Directstream DAC, a couple of great headphone amps: Audeze The King and LTA MZ3, plus Shunyata Denali v2 and an Innuos Zenith MK3 on the way. I’ve decided that the PS Audio is just a bit too mushy and reserved in sound quality, and I would like to simplify my setup, and probably get into network/streaming audio. With the Directstream I have a Matrix X-SPDIF2+Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 HDMI for I2S. 

I trust that the Bartok is the better DAC here, but considering how good my headphone amps are I’m wondering if it’s possible that the PS Audio +The King or MZ3 could beat the Bartok headphone out? 

Another option is to get a Luminary’s X1 and keep one of the headphone amps, but the simpler the setup, the better. To have just the DAC, Innuos, and Denali, and ethernet to the wall would be ideal.

Unfortunately in pandemic times I can’t audition anything in person. Thoughts?
I’m not so much wishing that my current setup beats the Bartok, as I am hoping I wouldn’t be wasting money, mostly on account of the headphone amp quality. If you say the DAC and HP are both of better quality, then great.

I’m way more into playing my own high res files than I am streaming. It seems like in this case the Innuos still sounds better than using a cheap commercial NAS for my music, but honestly when I did my research I couldn’t find much useful information about it because I think most people just use streaming all the time. I’d love to not need another component, but I’ve got to store my music on something so it’s either the Innuos or whatever they’ve got at Newegg.

Bartok with headphone amp is actually $16,250 so selling my other stuff can fund quite a bit of the cost. I am considering the Phoenix, but in a universe where I got with Bartok and a network setup I would probably be looking at the upcoming Innuos ethernet regenerator instead.
If you add up the cost of a brand new Directstream DAC, Audeze The King, and 4tb Zenith MK3 and nice cables like I have, the Bartok is actually cheaper. 

If it actually does sound significantly better than my total setup and does NOT require a server like the Innuos, then it is a really good deal.
Ianb52 The dac and headphone section of the Bartok alone are stellar performers and the rest is DCS ‘s revelatory design with this entry level product.
I have no opinion on Audeze own amplifier I’ve never listened to it however the PS Audio senior dac isn’t close to the same legume as DCS entry level dac that’s in the Bartok . Though it sounds from your response you haven’t listened to a Bartok 
Im just suggesting if your goals are to long term ownership of said component this the one to look into .

in_shore: So your vote on my original question is a definite "yes". What would be your recommendation for dealing with stored files with highest audio quality? (I am quite wary of garbage coming in from digital inputs.) It seems like the Zenith is on back order so I may have time to change my mind.

I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to the Bartok, and unfortunately I dont foresee the near term possibility without purchasing it first.
I got a chance to listen to a Bartok today, and while I was impressed, I wasn't that impressed. Unfortunately since it wasn't in my own system with my own power cables, source it wasn't an apples to apples comparison.

I found the Bartok to be extremely transparent, with almost perfect separation, control and balance, extreme detail and space, and a very wide soundstage. It was extremely good at conveying the music performance. On the other hand, it had an unpleasant glare that I really didn't like (seems to be from the ethernet), was a bit too clean, and the headphone amp was quite underpowered in single ended mode for my Meze Empyreans. I had to use the highest output setting and I was still having to set the volume around 80% or higher.

We swapped in a balanced Transparent headphone cable which greatly improved the sound. With the addition of a Transparent power cable things also got a lot better, and with Transparent ethernet it got a little better as well. This was getting closer to my own setup, but Transparent vs Shunyata NR cables, not having my Denali, and ethernet vs high end USB all confounded things a lot. 

I came away feeling that actually the network cable and source really do matter in this instance, and that it won't be an opportunity to save money. This is a bummer, because not needing an expensive server and cables was a key point for me. Like any DAC, getting a decent sound seems totally dependent on power, cables, vibration control, etc. 

When I came home I found that my own setup with PS Audio and MZ3 was richer with tonal color, better texture, more full in the low end, and didn't have that weird glare. The only other DAC I've heard that glare from is the Chord Hugo 2.

It seems like the best combination here is probably the Bartok with my own power cables, vibration feet, an upgraded fuse, and keeping the LTA MZ3 amplifier. Bartok was wider, but couldn't hold a candle to the MZ3 or The King in single ended mode with the 1/4" headphone cable I own. Even my Mytek Manhattan II performed better for unbalanced than the Bartok. Only with an $1800 balanced cable did it compete, and I feel like it still needed a little more power.