Consistency with power cords?

Is it better to have the same power cord throughout the system or doesn't it really matter assuming you have a quality cord for each component?
If they are not the same, then assuming you have a power conditioner with an IEC, the best one should go between it and the wall outlet. The power amp is second IMO. I do not wish to spend the money to get a great cord for each component, so I got one great one for the wall/conditioner and lesser (but still good) cords for the rest of the system. The reason I think the best cord should go there is because that is the one place that will affect the character of the whole system.
We have been recommending powercords for 10 years at the time when many people were under the misconception that they made no difference to ones overall system. We have experimental a great deal with powercords and sell more powercords than anything else at A Sanctuary of Sound. In the process we have actually found that mixing different brands of powercords works best. In the Store all three sound rooms have a mix of powercords and needless to say we tweek our systems to sound the best possible.
The advice you have already received that the best cord should go to the line conditioner is absolutely correct since it all starts at the wall. The next best should go to your transport or one box player.
Good luck you will find that powercords will redefine your system!
Thanks for your advice and taking the time to address my question! I'll check into upgrading the cord to my AC conditioner first and go from there.
Ditto.... I agree with Jurry. thanks for the info from everyone, and I have heard from other audiophiles that mixing cords are a good idea. however they seem to try an awful lot to come up with that perfection. deep pockets do go far...
Ok guys: (sugarbrie & A S ofS) I had never heard that before. Thanks. Now I'll do some experimenting--again. My "spot" was the pre so no matter what source I was using got some benifit. Happy New Year!! everybody.
Sugarbrie. That makes sense. Question. What was your Power conditioner? Did it have a detachable cord. I use a monster 2000. It does not have a detachable cord.....It would probably void the warrranty to do so....suggestion? Thanks...
I have a Vansevers Reference 85. This is where I have a high end Blue Circle cord. The rest of the cords are standard Vansevers cords. My HT system has an Audio Power Pack II which is a great $230 conditioner. Also has a detachable cord. Even the $150 Vansevers Super Companion in my office has a IEC which now has a modestly better cord than the decent 14 guage one that Mike includes.
Sugarbrie, where can you get Vanevers cords? has a dealer list. You may be able to buy direct also. There is also a dealer on Audiogon if you search the classifieds.