Considering upgrading - any recommendations?

I have the following set up:
Rega RP6 w/ Ortofon Bronze
Creek EVO integrated
Monitor RX6
Lehmann Black Cube preamp
Chord Carn Silverscreen and Crimson cables

I think the set up sounds a bit thin. Any ideas for what to tweak or upgrade?

Jd, I think you have a great system.If you spend the $$ on a better Integrated Amp you will see the most benefit. There are way to many solid state and tube integrated amps out there to recommend one.
Thanks. Hopefully I'll be able to snag a used nait or roksan integrated
I agree with Matmiller. A new integrated would probably be the best upgrade. I had the RX8's myself and ran them with a 5350. It was a great combo. Hard to do better for the money. It won't sound thin like the EVO. I haven't heard the Roksan, but I did have a Nait 5i series 2. I know people like it, but the Creek was in another league. Very overrated.