Considering these USB cables.

Ok, well I’m in the camp that quality ICs and speaker wire help out my sound so I’m jumping on the quality USB cable train too. I have KEF LS50 Wireless speakers and plan on using the USB input from my MacBook Air. I’m considering these $200 and under cables:
-DH Labs (non Mirage)
-Wireworld Starlight 7
-Furutech GT2 Pro
-AudioQuest Carbon (and maybe Coffee if I see a good deal used)

Any others that compete at this range?

I’ll probably be looking into an AudioQuest JitterBug as well. Maybe even two, one on the KEF side and one on the MacBook Air side.

Thanks for any input.
Anticables Level 3.1 Reference Series USB is very good.  Used is under $200.
Take a look at the  Pangea Audio Premier XL USB Cable

It should make a considerable improvement in sound quality because it separates signal and power

There is also a similar product from Doukmall on Ebay

I've used the Doukmall and it worked extremely well


As for the cables that separate power, does that matter in my application since power isn't needed? The cable will be for just transferring data, not power.
Not that i know, however the DAC within your speakers may be using the 5v power supplied with signal via USB. 
asahitora - re:...
 does that matter in my application since power isn't needed?

That may depend on the "geometry" of the cable i.e. how the internal conductors are arranged.

But basically, It would not be an unreasonable assumption

However, if the power conductors are connected to the computer USB supply, there may also be some noise transferred to those conductors that may impact the signal

For example - the antenna on a radio transmitter does not canny any current as such, since is is only connected at one end, but the "noise" on the antenna is considerable.

Some may consider that any such noise to be of no consequence, but since my own experience with building IC's and hearing the difference that seemingly small changes have made to my system - I tend to lean in favour of caution.

Hope that makes sense.

Regards Steve
Look at Curious Cable from Australia.  A well known best in class USB cable that should well exceed those mentioned in your list.  Shop used and I think you can stay within your budget for a .8 meter cable.
I just noticed you had a DH Labs cable in your list.

I also have that cable, but found the cables I mentioned above improved on its performance.

Thanks Steve,

I appreciate your excellent input in all my threads.