Considering the New Tekton Design Encores? AND Owners Group - Experiences/Questions

I am the very happy owner of the first pair of New Tekton Design Encores and I thought I would create this thread to answer any questions anyone might have regarding the Encore speakers, room considerations, and associated equipment. If you’ve order your pair already, please chime in. I really want to hear what other people’s experience are with these unbelievable speakers.

I drive my Encores with both an Art Audio Diavolo SET 300b Tube Amplifier with 8wpc and I switch in my 700w Nord One-Up SE Monoblocks for non-critical listening and some big pieces of music that benefit from the extra power.

  • Made under U.S. Patent 9247339 with multiple new patents pending
  • Proprietary loudspeaker design
  • Ultra-linear frequency response with ±.5dB deviation from 70Hz-20kHz
  • One single crossover element placed within the tweeter path
  • Ultra-linear, entirely time-invariant minimum-phase mid-range section
  • Proprietary patent pending 15 dome radiating hybrid MTM high frequency array
  • Two 6.5" mid-bass patented ’overtone & harmonic’ transducers
  • Dual 11" low-frequency transducers
  • ​96dB [email protected] sensitivity
  • 4 Ohm design for optimum performance
  • 20Hz-30kHz frequency response​
  • Dimensions Width 13.25" x Depth 15.25" x Height 62"
  • 800 Watt power handling
  • Weight 175 lbs​
@ JCARCOPO i am happy that you like the encores as i stated i did not what to hijack the post i do not what to argue.what i was saying is most speaker company are miss leading in there numbers.your right 15watts is all you need.i can’t used more then [email protected] seat 13’ the spl is 106 Db.but @1watt its great.your art audio diavolo SET-300b tube amps are great.that 1-watt in that amp is what i live for in audio.but it is more then just spl? you know that. the jbl i use are two/way.the $2500 i paid for them.i have not found better for what they sound like and cost i found better the jbl everest but at $60,000? if you found audio happiness with *encores*thats the audio (grail).don’t stop until you you drink from the silver cup.why are you reading this? GO listen to the (ENCORES) over and out.
It's a 10 to 1 ratio with wattage anyway. It takes 1000w to effectively double the output of 100w amplifier in spl. So even with 50w you need 500w just to double the perceived spl. At least that's how it's been explained to me. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Power to volume is logarithmic, but not quite that much. Doubling the power is only 3dB louder. Double three times- 3, 6, 9dB- you're talking 8 times the power to go 9dB louder. The ten to one you're thinking of is probably 10dB takes ten times the power. That one is true. 

Another factor is "double the perceived spl" that one is pretty subjective. 3dB is only a little louder, but a lot of people would probably agree 10dB is twice as loud. So that may also be where your 10 to 1 comes from.
Either way, based on what I am hearing from my Moabs its a slam dunk that Encores are super easy to drive and sound amazing.

@millercarbon Thanks for clarifying. I knew I was on the right path, but I'm glad you clarified this for me. 😉 
@ JCARCOPO I know you like SET-300b tube amps.*LOOK*@ the pass lab's, XA25! amp,It mimics, a SET 300b tube circuit?.And yes it is *ss*..I think, the sound is not so as* tube's* or* transistor's*, but maybe the circuit? I do not have a xa25 amp.I do not know,what the amp sound's, like.My buddy say's, the midrange?. But i will be trying,one in my rig.25-watts will give me, a in room,SPL of 113 Db with 10Db peaks @ my seat @13'.Thats why, i don't,wast my time ,on high power amps.If the first watt is bad.I do not want 99- more..All so the *xa25 amp* will handel the speakers,you have,the,(ENCORES), resistance/impedance better? It runs class A @25watts.Lots of heat.Like 300b tube'sThe heat of my amps,is not a concern my amps,are in the cellar,below the speakers..Biamping the the (ENCORES) is a road to go down.

 (I met nelson in 1975,at Tech Hi Fi when he was in(Providence,RI).We spoke about circuits.not tube's or transistor's.Nelson is a* thinker*His work show's that.In the 1960's jbl try it with the *T-circuit amp*.*SS* to combat the *ss* "BAD SOUND"at that time.Whats new now... .(As nelson will say, whats new under the *SUN*.
@ditusa I own the Pass Labs XA25 and I love it. It’s the only solid-state amp that comes extremely close to a SET tube amplifier and it drives the Encores quite well. ☺ It sounds wonderful, especially in the midrange. It's a very special solid-state amplifier. I am very impressed with it. You will love it!