Considering the New Tekton Design Encores? AND Owners Group - Experiences/Questions

I am the very happy owner of the first pair of New Tekton Design Encores and I thought I would create this thread to answer any questions anyone might have regarding the Encore speakers, room considerations, and associated equipment. If you’ve order your pair already, please chime in. I really want to hear what other people’s experience are with these unbelievable speakers.

I drive my Encores with both an Art Audio Diavolo SET 300b Tube Amplifier with 8wpc and I switch in my 700w Nord One-Up SE Monoblocks for non-critical listening and some big pieces of music that benefit from the extra power.

  • Made under U.S. Patent 9247339 with multiple new patents pending
  • Proprietary loudspeaker design
  • Ultra-linear frequency response with ±.5dB deviation from 70Hz-20kHz
  • One single crossover element placed within the tweeter path
  • Ultra-linear, entirely time-invariant minimum-phase mid-range section
  • Proprietary patent pending 15 dome radiating hybrid MTM high frequency array
  • Two 6.5" mid-bass patented ’overtone & harmonic’ transducers
  • Dual 11" low-frequency transducers
  • ​96dB [email protected] sensitivity
  • 4 Ohm design for optimum performance
  • 20Hz-30kHz frequency response​
  • Dimensions Width 13.25" x Depth 15.25" x Height 62"
  • 800 Watt power handling
  • Weight 175 lbs​
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This is a copy of what I posted on Facebook...

So I got my Encores set up over the weekend and started using them with my Lyngdorf 3400, mainly streaming music from Tidal/Roon Nucleus+ and also playing some CDs on my Oppo 205. I know it will take a while before the Encores and the Lyngdorf are properly broken in but I can already tell that this is an incredible combination. I agree with JC's description of the sound. I've never had music sound so good in my room. The instruments and the vocals are real. I played it all at a pretty high volume and heard no distortion what so ever. Everything sounded effortless and easy. One thing I noticed however that started to worry me a little. After few hours of enjoying the music I noticed that the Lyngdorf got pretty hot to touch. The Encores are 96db efficient which means they should be pretty easy to drive. Lyngdorf is a digital amp and all digital amps I tried in the past never got more than just a little warm. This one got hot, just like a class A analog amp. Wonder if this is normal. I contacted Lyngdorf but didn't get any response yet.

@olesno Thanks for your review on the Encores and Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 combination!  I wondered if it was you on the Tektons Worldwide Owners Facebook group I was chatting with!  Now I know who you are in both places so I can keep things straight in my head!  Things will only improve as time goes by for your Encores as things loosen up for the speakers and as well for your Lyngdorf as it breaks in. Chris is supposed to have his Encores today and he too ordered the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 over this weekend and he will likley have it hopefully by Friday.  It's funny how we have 3 Encore owners each with the same Lyngdorf electronics!

 I was looking at the Lyngdorf for months, but I had a bad experience with a dealer and was offered another deal through the owner of Core Power Technology which turned into attempted fraud after 6 weeks of waiting and PayPal Credit having to refund me because his refund bounced his checking account.  So I shelved the idea for a month or so. I'm so glad I revisited the Lyngdorf and found Neal at Sound Science who took care of me and was exemplary.  
I haven't had much time to respond here but I promise I'll catch up. I need few more days and I will share my opinion.  I am very happy with my Encores and Lyngdorf combination.  Mostly..., thanks to jcarcopo and grannyring.  Obviously Eric Alexander and Peter Lyngdorf had a lot to do with my audio nirvana too.  I love my hobby of 50 years or so.

@olesno Thanks for the kind words.  Take your time. We will be here! 
My Art Audio Diavolo SET 300b Tube Amplifier sounds phenomenally good through the Lyngdorf with the Room Perfect properly setup under a 2nd Speaker Setup while using the Preamp output on the Lyngdorf and my Luxman AS-55 amplifier switcher to switch from Class D to the tube amp.  It really makes a very noticeable difference in the Bass and Midrange.  I'm very happy with my system sound now and love both the Class D and the SET tube sound. I prefer the Diavolo on some music and the Class D on bigger pieces that can use the extra power.  It's great having choices!