Considering the Electrocompaniet AW400s...

Soliciting Recommendations, Evaluation or Reviews - Thanks

Will run in system w/Sunfire TGIII and A.C.T AL3TAs
My brother,who is disabled owns a pair.I have listened to them only for a couple of hours. I have also read some reviews in the Norwegian magazine "Fidelity" . How should I sum this up?
To me, the sound has evolved in a direction of a more pleasing and perhapes slightly less dramatic presentation. This compared to when he was using a Dynamic Precision A1 amp,which probably is unknown to you. My brother uses a Ayre universal player , a Bryston BP 25 preamp, and some big speaker of a Swedish brand. He´s living room is a rather large one, and there has always been trouble with too much and too "heavy" bass(most certainly standing waves, but he has refused to use bass traps, he´s very eccentric, severly disable as he is).Of course I have helped him a lot, but problem is he dosen´t want to learn and understand anything about sound reproduction.

But when he got the new mono-blocks , for some reason the
bass got less predominant.He seems quite contented with the sound he gets now, and maybe the preamp is the weakest link at the moment.
My own opinion about the sound, is that it´s of a very high quality,and just maybe, it suits music styles as jazz, classical music,folk music , more than my musical taste , which is more "hefty" music like reggae , disco, some afro or world music.