Considering switching to Tubes

Hello all, 

For the last ten or so years I've been listening to music on my home stereo, and for the last 10 or so years I have been 100% content with everything about it. And then my best friend brought by a Chinese integrated tube amp, and my world fell apart. 

Currently the set up is:
Speakers: B&W 805s 
Amp: Rotel RB1070
Preamp: Rotel RC1070 
CD player: Rotel RCC1055

The B&W and Rotel gear was purchased whe  I worked at an electronics retail store through the employee purchase program (I think it was cost -10%), the TEAC was added to try out streaming through the system, which in all honesty is what I do 99% of the time now. 

My friend and former colleague brought over a recently acquired Yaqin MC100B, and I simply can't stress enough how much more I enjoyed listen to the music off of that integrated Amp. 

Which leads me to my questions, should I just give in, and grab a relatively affordable tube amp? And secondly, I've been reading (mostly about Yaqin, because I'm not in the position currently to invest 5000+) up on their various models, and the two that seem to be what in looking for are either the MC100B which I've heard on my system and the MC13S, which I have not. The first uses KT88s and the second uses EL34s, I'm not a big bass loving guy, and the EL34s intrigue me, but I'm a hesitant to jump in without listening to them. The snag is, I live in the arctic, and the only really way for me to try them at home, is to purchase them. 

I'm open to arguments for and against swapping out the rotel, for yaqin.


Nothing wrong with well engineered tube gear. A lot of goodness in sound quality to be had with such gear. I have always enjoyed my AI preamps over the years. And there are many reputable tube gear manufacturers out there (and here on the Forum). 
I fully with Millercarbon!! (I did not see that post). Any quality "agreed" upon (here) tube amp will most likely make you very happy! Made (hand made) in USA is a standard to begin from. There are many.
I can never see my system without tubes! For the first time in a long time, I have switched from 300b SET monoblocks for a SS class A amp (the crazy goood XA25 amp from Pass). But..... I keep a tubed preamp (Backert Rhumba) and a tubed DAC (Audio Mirror Tubadour III) in front of the amp, and all is great! Musical bliss, to my ears!
Thank you all for your responses, I'm looking forward to being warmed, both musically and physically by a tube amp in the not too distant future. 

I dipped my toe into the world of tubes buying a fairly low-priced, 40W, used integrated tube amp - I figured it was pretty low risk and I could sell if for about what I paid for it, if needed. I fell in love with the sound and never looked back.