Considering Sonus Faber Liuto, Revel F52, JM labs

Considering Sonus Faber Liuto, Revel F52, JM labs Electra 1028 be, PSB Synchrony One and Paradigm S8 as a possible replacement for PSB Stratus Gold. I am very satisfied with the overall sound of the Golds and really have no complaints in any particular area, but they are 15 years old and if I can get a little more clarity and oomph out of a newer speaker, I would make the change.

I want to be able to keep the warmth of the Golds, but maybe add a little quickness. The above candidates seem to offer what I am looking for, but auditioning them all is a problem. So, if you have any experience with any I'd appreciate an honest opinion as to whether they would be an upgrade.
I just purchased speakers and auditioned many including the Liuto, Electra 1028 be, PSB Stratus Gold and the S8.

If the budget allows... I preferred the JM LAbs Electra 1038 be and Sonus Faber Cremora M. I went for The Sonus Faber and I am happy with the choice I made within my budget.

Out of your choices I liked the Electra 1028be however I didn't have an opportunity to listen to The Revel's

Good Luck
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How much difference did you hear between the Liuto and the Cremora M? and what about the 1038 did you not like compared to the Cremora?
The Cremora M was on a higher level, not even close. I am not great in audiophile terminology however I would call it much fuller & detailed. I auditioned them 4x prior to purchasing bringing my wife and friend on different occasions and we all agreed. The sales rep really was pushing other speakers but even he agreed after listening. He was really stunned! It was no contest.

The 1038 was in a different store so i could not listen side by side with The Cremona. I auditioned against the B&W 802 D and to our ears was the superior speaker. The 1038 was awesome. I could be happy with either speaker however The Cremona was a great deal $3000 less than the 1038 and that sealed the deal.

In my opinion you can't go wrong with either.
manitunc, you've got an enviable shortlist. my $.002:
1. the revels are outstanding (i have the lesser f32s)--transparent, huge soundstage, wholly non-fatiguiging--but need a ton of high-quality power, so make sure your amp is sufficient
2. the psb synch and paradigm s8 are also outstanding and sound very similar to me--extremely detailed, neutral; perhaps the s-8 is more forward in the treble and has more oomph. you'd be very happy with either
i personally don't like the focal electra series as much as the lower-price chorus, which sounded better balanced to me. haven't heard the sf.
My reasoning for picking these speakers is that reviews indicate that they are similar to my PSB Golds but perhaps a bit more open. I dont want to give up the richness of the Golds. I listen to mostly 60s and 70s Classic Rock, Blues and Early Jazz. No Classical, Grunge, Electronica, Thrash Metal or Rap. I want power and quickness, with a full sound and not etched or strident in the highs. Tonal balance is more important than pinpoint imaging. Dont have to go into the 20hz range, but should sound effortless above the mid 30s. No booming,muddy bass.
I own the revel F52's, they have held a place in my system longer than any other speaker (Over 4 years), They replaced B&W 801 Matrix III, Magnepan MG3.6 with Mye stands, SPendor SP1/2e, Audio Physics Virgo III, Green Mountain Calistos, and many more. They produce the cleanest lowest bass I have ever had in my home. They present front to back and are very open. I dont have home theatre, but when watching TV the voices are right in the middle. Non fatigue full range spacious sound. I too listen to clasic Rock and blues 90% of the time. These speakers when playing Yes "I've seen all good people", the background thump will take your breath away.

They are the bigest bargain out their used, you can get them for under $3700. My opinion, you will not find a better speaker for the money.

As someone mentioned they need power I use a PASS X250, also Bi-wire is a must.

The packing sucks, make sure they are local or by Truck