Considering simplifying my system... talk me down (or whatever)

I few weeks ago, I turned eighty.  I don't know how that happened to me, but it did, so I suppose I've officially entered Geezerhood.  Although I'm now ancient, I am anything but deaf.  I have been gifted with extraordinary hearing throughout my life and it continues to this day... I love music (my wife is a professional pianist), and I have enjoyed my current system for several years.

That said, I have been considering simplifying my system by selling my current line stage preamp, phono preamp, and power amplifier (Sonic Frontiers SFL-2, Sonic Frontiers SFP, and Audio Research VT-100, respectively), and replacing the three with a single integrated amp.  

To my ears, this system is extraordinary.  These pieces drive what may be among the best Klipschorns on the planet: 1972 K-horns, modified with Martinelli tractrix mid horns with TAD2001 drivers, JBL 2404 tweeters, and Al Klappenberger's extreme slope networks (20db/octave).  I'll be keeping these until I need some nursing home money (!)

The last time I visited the Klipsch factory (in Hope, Arkansas!), they were using a Cayin something-or-other in their listening room... it was glorious, I think one of those would do quite nicely for me.

Perhaps there is no logic at all to this "simplifying" idea.  I've just been thinking that sooner or later we will find ourselves in a different living situation and perhaps simpler might be better.  So, I'm leaving it  to the brain trust here to talk me down.

Have a nice weekend, y'all
Keep it for as long as possible!  Rest assured that if you do have to downsize, there are many fine options no matter which route you take, and that will be another chapter in your audiophile journey. You ought to be excited actually.  You have a great system already and all you need to do now is enjoy it.  When the time comes to move on, well that will be an exciting journey as well.

mtdining, As the French say "À Chacun Son Goût." A PL integrated isn’t junk nor is your Luxman, Mac or fill in the blank.

A transistor radio is simple but that’s junk.

At 68, I share your sentiment. Like my wife, I have a hard time letting go of things I like. Recently I moved from separates to a Rogue Integrated tube, only because it was past time for my most loved 33 year old Audible Illusions Pre. to be sent in for re-cap and up-grades, even though it still performed like a champ. I do enjoy the good sound and simplicity of using the Rogue Integrated. It does have a built in decent phono stage, so have come to believe that downsizing from separates too integrated, doesn't necessarily mean a bad trade off. If I ever have to be concerned about space, I could very comfortably live with a good integrated......Jim
Maybe you are telling yourself "simplying" but really what you are feeling is the need for a change, but can’t put your finger on it?

Unrelated to audio, I can remember when I got my first digital SLR. I took the film camera out of the bag and put it in the drawer. At least initially, I did not want the temptation of grabbing it. 11 years later, having never come out of the drawer, I put it on Ebay. Over that time, several digital SLRs went through my hands, each bringing new fun to the hobby.

Maybe you shouldn’t look at this as a time of simplification, but a time of exploration? What new ways can you find to enjoy the hobby of audio and music listening?
I suggest you look into the Bakoon integrated amps.Unfortunately none have inbuilt phono stages but they are compact minimalist sort of amplifiers and have incredibly natural and pure sound.They also sound superb with high sensitivity speakers like Klipsch and Tannoy.They do not sound like any other SS amp you have heard because they do not operate like any other SS amp.They are much closer to a really good SET amp-being current drive and having high output impedance but also using the unique Bakoon Satri circuit.They are by far the best amplifier I have ever heard for reproducing piano.They do tintinnabulation in a way that I have never heard before from an audio system.
I use the 35 watt Satri 5521 but even the cheaper 15 watt ones sound superb.Just to confuse you there are Japanese made Bakoons and Korean made ones.I have only used the Japanese ones.For me they are the ultimate minimalist package because they cut to the essence of what is beautiful in music and dispense with even the slightest hint of grunge or timing smear.