Considering simplifying my system... talk me down (or whatever)

I few weeks ago, I turned eighty.  I don't know how that happened to me, but it did, so I suppose I've officially entered Geezerhood.  Although I'm now ancient, I am anything but deaf.  I have been gifted with extraordinary hearing throughout my life and it continues to this day... I love music (my wife is a professional pianist), and I have enjoyed my current system for several years.

That said, I have been considering simplifying my system by selling my current line stage preamp, phono preamp, and power amplifier (Sonic Frontiers SFL-2, Sonic Frontiers SFP, and Audio Research VT-100, respectively), and replacing the three with a single integrated amp.  

To my ears, this system is extraordinary.  These pieces drive what may be among the best Klipschorns on the planet: 1972 K-horns, modified with Martinelli tractrix mid horns with TAD2001 drivers, JBL 2404 tweeters, and Al Klappenberger's extreme slope networks (20db/octave).  I'll be keeping these until I need some nursing home money (!)

The last time I visited the Klipsch factory (in Hope, Arkansas!), they were using a Cayin something-or-other in their listening room... it was glorious, I think one of those would do quite nicely for me.

Perhaps there is no logic at all to this "simplifying" idea.  I've just been thinking that sooner or later we will find ourselves in a different living situation and perhaps simpler might be better.  So, I'm leaving it  to the brain trust here to talk me down.

Have a nice weekend, y'all
Don't do it, most people that simplify are saying they are giving up on this hobby. You will in the end join the ranks of people that let go of a system that may have taken years to assemble and that was a source of great pleasure to be replaced with something that at best is mediocre in comparison.
The Klipsch factory was using a Cayin integrated for good reason, there is no need to look further. I too have an A-88T. It can drive almost any speaker to satisfying levels. Its transparency, detail and soundstaging are on-par with many expensive, separates-comprised systems I’ve heard. Get one of these or its KT-88 brethren, adjust the bias to 400mV and live happily ever after. I use mine with Heresy IIIs.

Contact Steve Leung of VAS and ask him about Cayin/Klipsch synergy
I haven't read the full thread, so maybe this was answered, but WHY??? You use your TT and have a phono stage that you will probably want to keep. Then the only simplifying you will be doing is to change out the pre and power amp for an integrated. There are some great ones out there now, but to get something equal to or better than what you already have would hardly be cost effective. If you are just in an upgrade mood and want something new, then I guess it makes sense to look at some integrated amps, but if not just keep what you have.
Been having the same thoughts. Dynaco and C-J tubes my whole life. Too many wires, too many LPs, too many CDs.

But I'm only 71 and going to give it 9 more years. Congrats on your milestone!
pinkyboy—You've got the right idea, but your scope is off. When I reached age 82, in 2012, we concluded that it was time for us to simplify and downscale. So we moved 12 miles from our suburban bayside house into a modest but adequate condo that's located in the core of our pleasant small town—and just 1 mile from a fine hospital.

That move necessitated giving up our existing audio system, composed of big floor-standing speakers and giant 400 Watt power amplifier, preamps, TT, tape deck, tuner, et al., and transitioning to a far smaller system that would be appropriate for our new condo living room.

After some over-simplified trials that proved inadequate, I settled on BBC-type mini-monitor main speakers that sit on the fireplace mantle + a pair of JL Audio E-Sub e110 self-powered subwoofers that hide in the front corners. I use a passive preamp that feeds an electronic crossover, which then splits the feed (at 96 Hz) between the main power amp and the two self-powered subs. I use only two sources: a high quality CD player and a FM-HD tuner (highly upgraded) that's always tuned to a classical music station. The sound is truly glorious, and clearly better than I've ever done before. (And I've been building hi-fi systems since 1954.) A NOTE: The condo LR is only 16' x 23', but it has a 12 foot ceiling. WOW! That really helps!

So stick with what you've got for as long as you're in your present home. The time to dump your system is when you downsize your entire environs. Then restart afresh; see what fits.