Considering Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 or Outlaw Audio 2160MKII

So my main system, which is a tube, will run too hot for the upstairs room I have them set up in now.  So going to move the main system to a different room and make a smaller system for the upstairs room.  Considering either Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 or an Outlaw Audio 2160MKII for the upstairs.  At least that's the plan if girlfriend doesn't put the ka-bosh to it when I explain I'll now have 2 systems.  

Anyone have any experience with either of these amps?  Does the Outlaw run hot?  I'm looking for transparency, soundstage and imaging out of an amp.  I've read the stereophile write ups and the like.  Curious if anyone here would recommend one over the other, speak from 1st hand experience or have any suggestions of similar amps.  Using a Project Classic SB turntable and Yamaha Aventage CD player as inputs.  Using smaller triton goldenear speakers, also have Elac Unifi b5's or might get some Magnepan .7's to use with the amp I get.

Thanks in advance if anyone responds.


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Had the Rogue 1st gen. Amplification stage sounded very anemic compared to a 20 year old odyssey stratos. The preamp sounded nice and fruity into the odyssey however.