Considering Rogue Audio or P.S. Audio

Currently have Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Integrated and want separates.  I'm running them into Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S speakers at 4 ohms.  Considering the Rogue Stereo 100 and RP5 or RP7.  Also looking at P.S. Audio BHK Signature pre- and BHK amp.  I am aware the BHKs are more expensive but would like feedback on this comparison and if you have any other ideas (no shortage here I'm sure).
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How about a Luxman integrated?
Thanks for the advice.  I have considered Pass Labs and Luxman as well.  I think I may close in on the PS Audio BHK series.  I've got the PS Audio Directstream DAC and was blown away by the improvement in my digital signal path.  I actually didn't fire up my VPI turntable for several weeks after getting the Directstream.
jsqt  My rogue had a constant hum through the speakers though not a problem when listening to music. I used several new and nos tubes nothing changed until I went back to the stock JJ tubes. Lost a little warmth but very quiet. 
 I constantly had hum in my speakers no matter what I did with my CM2. A shame because I loved the Rogue sound but it kept me from moving up the Rogue Audio chain.
Same experience here. I also had hum with the Stereo 100 amp. Ground hum seems to be the fly in the Rogue ointment. Apparently they finally deemed it necessary to address this problem in the CMIII.

OP, consider Audio by Van Alstine products. I have their Fet Valve CFR preamp. It's very quiet and takes on the sound of whatever tubes you choose to run. All the parts are of high quality. 

And yes, separates will be an upgrade over your CM, but the components must have good synergy. The PS Audios are an easy choice if you have the dough. 

I had a constant low-level hum both mechanically (transformers) and through the loudspeakers from my Cronus Magnum II.  I tried everything under the sun to reduce this--I documented some of my experiments a double of years ago on this forum.  Nothing worked, no different wiring, power conditioners, earthing, etc. etc. etc.  I really like the sound of the CMII, but I ended up listening for the hum during the really quiet passages.  So it had to go.

OP: I'd look at Backert and Raven, or perhaps tube preamp + SS power.