Considering replacing revel M-20 stands.

I'm considering replacing the stock Revel stands with something more solid. Am considering osiris. Any sugestions??
I do not have monitor loudspeakers, but the new maple stands from Mapleshade look very promising.
Sistrum stands from Star Sound. Check out member's review here on Audiogon. Looks like a great product to consider.
Audiotweak beat me to it. Check out my review. I am using these stands with my M 20s. It's all in the review. You will instantly hear the difference when you place your M20s on these babies. Don't let the price freak you out too much. What they will do for your speakers will blow your mind. You've lived with the Revel stands for awhile, you'll know... They have two models. I reviewed their top of the line, but my support stand's younger brother is major league, as well. Both are visully stunning too.
Great review. what web site can I find these on? So far all I have found are the sistrum single componet stands. How tall are these once everything is in place?
You have the right website. Ask for Robert. He's smart, patient, low key and will explain it all to you. The pictures of their stands are not on their website yet, but will be, I believe, very shortly. How's this for trust? I bought them sight unseen. I did, though, have a pretty good discription, but still no personal visual of what I was buying. The cones point to point are 21" for the big ones. The little brothers (price wise), and they are quite amazing too, are different heights, I believe. Speak to Robert. He's the man. He'll set you free...
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