Considering new cart for my Akito 2B - help needed

I recently got my arm back from Audio Origami, where is was rewired with Cardas and rebuilt. I'm very happy with it, but I've been using a Denon 103R which I had from before I got the Akito. It's in a MIDAS alloy body, so between the low compliance and the weight it's not really the best match for this arm, IMO.

I know Linn arms tend to work well with Linn carts (no surprise), but I need an alternative that will not put out more than 2mV tops. I don't want to switch my phono preamp; it's a Plinius Jarrah and anything much past 2mV will overload it at the low gain setting - or so I was told by Plinius many years ago. I was briefly looking at the Adikt but that operates at over 6mV, so I don't think it will work.

I'd like to keep the cost to below $600, new or used is okay (assuming the used is well cared for). I'd like something more in the right weight range and compliance for the Akito, with the rightness of midrange and low end that I get from the Denon, but with better detail retrieval and more open but natural highs.
Dynavector 10X5, or if you can buy used or stretch, the 20X2. The Denon cartridges are wonderful as well, a DLS1 is a crazy good cartridge.
Yes, I was looking at maybe a used 20X2L; brand new it's a bit out of my range. Wasn't sure what else I might want to consider.
Tony, yes, the Denon is fantastic although the output is on the low side. Good luck with the hunt!
Thanks, I'm still looking. I've read a lot of stuff on the Linn forums about matching carts to Linn arms, but so far haven't found anything out there that says "buy me!".