Considering Nagra Tube Dac with Power Supply or MSB Reference ?

Does anyone have any experience with the Nagra Classic Tube Dac and the Power Supply or MSB Reference Dac?

I demoed the MSB Reference Dac in home and loved it and have also heard good things about the Nagra. Looking for feedback if anyone has experience with both. 

Key Components in system are Audio Research Ref6SE preamp and Ref160S amplifier.  All cabling is Transparent Reference.  Speakers are Wilson Alexia with 2 S812 REL subs.  

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I have the Nagra tube dac, with external power supply, in the context of a Nagra separates system. Despite (or maybe because of) the price, it's not a flashy dac -- no audiophile fireworks, no jazz-hands "look at me" kind of presentation. Natural, fluid sound, dynamically engaging, sounds like music to me -- I can listen spellbound for hours. 

Is the MSB Reference DAC better, for your system and taste? I can't answer that. If you can home demo the Nagra tube dac, great -- if not, go with the MSB, which you've already tried and loved -- don't worry about comparisons you can't make!

Not only that, but this is an analog forum.  There is a separate forum for this question, or maybe the OP has already been there.  I am not trying to be a twit, (It requires no effort for me to be a twit.)  But more response is likely to be gotten from guys that are thinking about DACs all day long. FWIW, I just spent two days at Capital Audiofest, and in one room I was impressed by a Denafrips DAC which was directly compared to a vinyl source.  This is not what you asked about, of course.


thanks for the feedback. Will let you know after Friday how the comparison goes.