Considering Nagra Tube Dac with Power Supply or MSB Reference ?

Does anyone have any experience with the Nagra Classic Tube Dac and the Power Supply or MSB Reference Dac?

I demoed the MSB Reference Dac in home and loved it and have also heard good things about the Nagra. Looking for feedback if anyone has experience with both. 

Key Components in system are Audio Research Ref6SE preamp and Ref160S amplifier.  All cabling is Transparent Reference.  Speakers are Wilson Alexia with 2 S812 REL subs.  

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I'd suggest posting this over on What's Best Forum you'll get some real responses.



He will get more helpful feedback and insightful owner/user feedback.


He will be advised about the 20 other brands that are "better" per people

who own them.

Get them both in your house with your system and then decide.