Considering moving to separates with a tube preamp-appreciate recommendations

I currently drive Dynaudio Evoke 50 speakers with a Hegel H390 integrated amp. The Hegel also functions as my DAC and streamer.

I use an Elac Alchemy PPA-2 phono pre with a Technics SL-1200G turntable.

I also have a Denon DCD-A110 SACD player.

I've been pleased with this setup, but enjoy trying new combinations of gear, so I'm considering moving to separates for the preamp and amp. I'd like to try a tube preamp mated to a solid state class A/B amp.

I'm considering something used in the $3-$4K neighborhood for the preamp. PrimaLuna EVO 400, Rogue RP-7, and PS Audio BHK Signature are at the top of my list. 

Potential used stereo solid state amps in the $4-$6K range include the Parasound JC5, PS Audio BHK 250, or maybe Yamaha M-5000 or Rotel/Michi S5. I'd also consider something from Mark Levinson or Modwright if it was in the price range.

The Bel Canto EX-1 amp intrigues me too, but it's class D, and I'm not sure about it...

Appreciate input form anyone with experience with these options (or others in these price ranges).




If the gain from the Erhard is truly 12db it will be just fine with the EX-M7 whose input sensitivity is 1.45 volts.

I have had great success with various Audio Research separates and feel you owe it to yourself to give them a shot.  The LS27 is a superb line stage that goes for about $3200 and can be resold quite easily if you decided to go another route.  The same for their beloved REF 75 amp.  You could get a non SE for around $4500 with the same ability to sell.  If you wanted to round out the set, the DAC 8 sells for about $1800 or a CD6 for $3500.  For phono, there is the PH8.  The aesthetics are great as all these are from the same timeframe and match.  You have to watch the used market closely as these are not often available.  If you fall in love with them too you could then work your way to the former or current Reference lineup.  Best of luck in your journey.

Look at the Decware Zen Triode Preamp.  May have to find one used unless you don’t mind the waiting list. Pure magic. 

I have a Linear Tube Audio MicroZotl, less than $2000. Read the reviews, compared to preamps many times it's price. David Berning design, made in Maryland. I have used it for two years with a variety of power amps. Check it out, you can't go wrong with this.