Considering Martin Logan Requests,Cinema i and B&W

sides (DS 7's) in a Surround sound system. I am using a VAC PA90C1 monoblocs, an outlaw 165 wpc in the surround, Denon 3910, Anthem 30 Processor.

My other choice is to use Avalon Avatar's as the front speakers, a B&W HTM7 Center Channel with the DS 7's. This is a 7.1 system. The subwoofer is a Velodyne DD15.

Please would like your opinions.
I love my Logan's, but much of it depends on your audio/vidio ratio. Logan's are better for music than video, where dynamics count for a lot. If I was going for a dedicated AV system, I'd go with dynamic speakers. In partiular, I think the cinema is the weak link - need something with more guts.
If you'in in the tri-state area come by for a listen.