Considering Krell Resolution 2 - Thoughts helpful

Will audition tonight through the weekend. I can pick them up for $4,000. The one previous owner did a trade-in at the original dealer, whom I am considering purchasing them from. I am familiar with Krell’s reputation for electronics, but I have no idea what this speaker's merits or shortcomings are. I believe the line has been discontinued. Obviously, I will form my own opinion upon reviewing them. However, I truly do appreciate the opinions of those familiar with this speaker.
I’m using a moded PS Audio GCC-250 and a Rotel RDV 1092 DVD/CD player, which utilizes an excellent power supply and DAC. Originally, I went in to audition the PS Audio DL III DAC for my Rotel. As it happens, I ended up looking at the speakers instead. The dealer, whom I know to be very reputable, said the audible difference heard by incorporating the DAC would be negligible as compared to the addition of the speakers to my system. I don't think it's a strech to assume that the Krells will sound better than my B&W 703’s as they retailed at a considerably greater cost. I just wonder why the line was discontinued. I would appreciate any input.


The Krell Resolution2 would be a significant upgrade from the B&W 703. I nearly bought a pair, they compared very well against the B&W 802 & Revel Ultima Studio. I ended up purchasing the Wilson Audio-Sophia, but the Krell would have been my second choice. They do however require a powerful Amplifier to sound their best, at least a Krell Evo. 302 (or equivalent), from my listening experience.
Thanks Flav.

I'm not in the position to upgrade the amp/system. The speakers alone present me with a significant challenge in wife negotiations. If I'm not mistaken, $4,000 is a pretty good deal on the speakers and with a fair trade on the B&Ws I can just swing it. As far as amp improvements go, I might as well ask the lovely Mrs.’s if she’d allow me ménage-a-trios with her and her sister. The PSA GCC-250 provides 500 watts into a 4-ohm load, which the Krell’s are. With the mods, the amp sounds pretty darn good. Is that enough clean power for these speakers?