Considering Gryphon Diablo 300 "OR" Simaudio 700iv2 ???

Hi everyone,

I am considering one of the two integrated amplifier's now as I am downsizing. Different residence.
The Gryphon Diablo 300 or the Simaudio 700iv2? Unfortunately I can not audition either in my area. So I am going at this blind. Pretty much from reviews.

I am downsizing from a beautiful McIntosh system that just sang.....A  C500t tube two piece pre-amp with Mc501 mono blocks, powering my PMC IB2i speakers. Connected to a Torus power RM20, and my digital front end is a
Linn Klimax Ds.

I am keeping the PMC IB2i speakers, the Torus power, and the the Linn Klimax. Although I may consider selling my Klimax Ds to get the Simaudio 780d dac if I go the Simaudio route. I could update the Klimax to the latest spec too, but that's another topic.....

I did audition the Ma9000 integrated amp, and it did not grab me sound wise. So I feel it is out.
I did get to audition some Simaudio separates, that sounded very very good...

So that's where I am at.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

I will soon be auditioning the Diablo 300 as everything I’ve tried seperates-wise at that price point (including the Diablo’s DAC module) seems to be missing one thing or another that I am looking for sonically. Based on at least what other’s have said the Diablo in theory should check all the sonic boxes I need checked, and most importantly, people seem to comment on how musically engaging it is. I’ll be auditioning over the next week, and hopefully my high expectations are met or exceeded.

Havn’t heard the 700i but I did take home a demo 600i the other night. Paired with my B&W 803 D2 I found the level of detail astounding. Even my kids noticed sounds they couldn’t hear with other gear. BUT - the sound was also dry, cold, and uninvolving. Sterile. Well defined but not enough bass drive and presence. The opposite of what everyone says about the Diablo. I suspect the 600i is highly accurate. But I found the sound it produced oddly slightly depressing. It made the music not seem special. Admittedly this could be unfair at it may not have been enough power to drive my speakers. But I was testing at moderate to low volumes. I’ve actually had this response to Simaudio preamps / amps in the past, it is really odd. It’s almost as if the sound is so natural at all costs that it seems unnatural. I will say the build quality is second to none. Taking it home and seeing the Simaudio up close was insane. Everything about it is solid. Ive tested McIntosh too - I found it to have a very pleasing smooth and luxurious fully sound with a fully developed midrange  but it ultimately uninvolving. I tested the C2500/MC452 in my home. Hoping the Diablo will end my journey when I hear it shortly, and I can go back to enjoying music instead of excruciatingly and endlessly analyzing certain passages of test songs, trying to make sense of and draw conclusions on what I think I’ve perceived, fighting with my own results and questioning the very nature of reality, before finally being satisfied with my conclusions drawn from various auditions. Testing gear is difficult, soul-searching work!