Considering going in-wall over freestanding-input

We're considering going in wall for home theatre. Used to good floor standing speakers. Anyone done this?? How much comprimise is it? Speaker recommendations??And what about wiring? I ssume all those expensive cables should be no less important.
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we do custome installations on home theater ... there are many fine quality in wall speakers ... check out our showroom on audiogon....and
check out --- alantic technology--
phase technology --
speakercrapft ---
niles audio --
csi/speco --

and yes there also is fine speaker cable for all the above

by .. phoenix gold .,,accoustic research ,,ect

Try Thiel speakers, they have in wall, out of wall, subs, floor sanding, and mini-monitor solutions.
I just did this myself, and choose the new B&W Signature 7NT in wall. I originally planned to install both side and rear speakers but remained with traditional Dolby 5.1 configuration.

There are other in wall that do a great job as well, especially if you are a two channel guy (like me) and just want great surround with minimal interference with the stereo.